Rural Community Toolbox Fact Sheet

This 2-page fact sheet details the Rural Community Toolbox produced by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. This fact sheet explains the resources included in the toolbox and explains the toolbox development process. Continue reading

Best Practices for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Recovery Housing

This guide details considerations for providing safe, sober recovery housing for members of the LGBTQ+ community. It includes information to reduce stigma, information about common experiences of discrimination and lack of access to supportive care, and specific LGBTQ+ focused recovery supports. Continue reading

Changing the Narrative

Changing the Narrative works to reduce stigma in media representations of drug use and addiction. Created by the Health in Justice Action Lab at Northeastern University, the website provide evidence-based information to counter common myths about drug use and addiction Continue reading

Ohio Addiction Policy Detailed Scorecard

This detailed policy scorecard accompanies the Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s report evaluating the state of Ohio’s efforts to adopt evidence-based practices to address addiction in the law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Continue reading