Caring for Young Adults with Substance Use Disorder

Source: Office Based Addiction Treatment at Boston Medical Center's Grayken for Addiction

This7 minute video titled “Caring for Young Adults with Substance Use Disorder” from a clinician at Boston Medical Center’s Grayken Center for Addiction describes the need for understanding the unique needs of youth ages 18 to 25. The video explains the unique needs of young adults who are undergoing many life transitions, explains the brain science of young adults where their executive function system has not fully developed and may lead to more risk taking behavior, and discusses the importance of clinicians engaging the patients in assessing their readiness for treatment. The video also emphasizes the importance of considering medication assisted treatment as part of a treatment plan for opioid use disorder for young adults.

This is the sixth video in a new series launched by Boston Medical Center’s OBAT Training and Technical Assistance Team, aimed at providing clinical care teams with education on topical issues in the field of addiction treatment.

Funding Source: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Addiction Services