Substance Abuse Treatment

This website explains the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs administered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Detailed on the site are the 4 programs offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons: Continue reading

Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program

The website for the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) provides real-time data on suspected fatal and non-fatal overdose events to support public safety and public health efforts to mobilize response to sudden increases or spikes in these events. Continue reading

A State Policy Option to Expanding Methadone: Utilize Federally Qualified Health Centers

In 2019, the state of Ohio passed legislation that allowed for alternative treatment settings for methadone delivery, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), prisons, jails and county health departments. The Recovery Research Institute prepared this plain language summary of a peer-reviewed study that looked at the effect implementation of the Ohio policy would have on expanding access to treatment. Continue reading