California Bridge Resources

The California Bridge Resources page is a searchable database of California Bridge’s evidence-based materials including clinical guides, protocols, toolkits, sample patient materials, and FAQs. All resources in the California Bridge database have been developed by interdisciplinary teams based on published evidence and expert opinion. Continue reading

NIDAMED: Clinical Resources

NIDAMED, an imitative of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has a mission of developing science-based resources for clinicians, other health professionals, and those in training to improve screening for and treatment of substance use disorders.

The website includes resources in 9 categories: Continue reading

Summaries of Research on Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Everyday, researchers publish the results of their important work surrounding many of the issues around addiction, addiction treatment, and recovery. Unfortunately, much of this research is published in proprietary journals that may be difficult for students, policymakers, patients and caregivers to access. The Recovery Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, regularly reviews this literature and publishes easy-to-read summaries of key research. This featured collection provides a link to the Recovery Research Institute’s webpage that hosts these summaries as well as links to several studies that may be of particular interest to CLOUD visitors. Continue reading

A State Policy Option to Expanding Methadone: Utilize Federally Qualified Health Centers

In 2019, the state of Ohio passed legislation that allowed for alternative treatment settings for methadone delivery, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), prisons, jails and county health departments. The Recovery Research Institute prepared this plain language summary of a peer-reviewed study that looked at the effect implementation of the Ohio policy would have on expanding access to treatment. Continue reading

The Native Center for Behavioral Health

The website for the Native Center for Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health provides information about and links to the projects managed by the Center, including the National American Indian & Alaska Native (AI/AN) Addiction Technology Transfer Center, the AI/AN Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, and the AI/AN Prevention Technology Transfer Center. Continue reading

Peer Speak Out: Improving Substance Use Treatment Outcomes During COVID-19 – Report Summary

This 2-pager provides a summary of a recent report about how COVID-19 has affected patients in treatment and recovery from substance use disorders (SUD). Authors used a national online survey, 2 focus groups and the Patient Lead National Peer Council to identify what outcomes patients want from treatment, how COVID-19 is affecting them and what needs to change about treatment and recovery services offered during the pandemic and for the future. Continue reading