Opioid Settlement Tracker

The Opioid Settlement Tracker is an 18 month watchdog project by Christine Minhee that tracks opioid-related litigation and provides information about lawsuits, settlements, and issues surrounding opioid related litigation. The stated goal of the project is to track and determine if opioid settlement funds will be used in ways that benefit public health and address drug use. Continue reading

A State Policy Option to Expanding Methadone: Utilize Federally Qualified Health Centers

In 2019, the state of Ohio passed legislation that allowed for alternative treatment settings for methadone delivery, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), prisons, jails and county health departments. The Recovery Research Institute prepared this plain language summary of a peer-reviewed study that looked at the effect implementation of the Ohio policy would have on expanding access to treatment. Continue reading

Recovery Works: 3.0 Creating a Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

The Connecticut Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) toolkit assists in creating a recovery friendly workplace. Resources in the toolkit include assessments of current practices, principles of a RFW, guidance for implementing a RFW policy including sample policies and communications documents, and links to additional resources such as training opportunities. Continue reading