Recovery Works: 3.0 Creating a Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

The Connecticut Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) toolkit assists in creating a recovery friendly workplace. Resources in the toolkit include assessments of current practices, principles of a RFW, guidance for implementing a RFW policy including sample policies and communications documents, and links to additional resources such as training opportunities. Continue reading

Nevada Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

The Nevada’s Recovery Friendly Workplace initiative’s digital toolkit includes sections on understanding recovery, offering recovery supports, educating the workplace, understanding substance use disorder treatment, and advice for creating policies to support recovery in the workplace. Continue reading

Indiana Workforce Recovery

Indiana Workforce Recovery is a strategic partnership between the Wellness Council of Indiana, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and the Office of the Governor of Indiana. The website includes information about trainings and consultations, model policies and procedures, and information about upcoming events. Continue reading

Substance Use Recovery and Workplace Safety Program

Ohio’s substance use recovery and workplace safety program is an initiative piloted by the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and the local Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Boards. The website includes information about the county-based initiative for employers including assistance in developing policies and procedures and training for employees and managers. Continue reading

Workplace Supported Recovery

The Workplace Supported Recovery website, from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, includes an explanation of recovery-supportive workplaces, a definition of recovery, and specific recommendation for reducing the stigma against substance use disorder in the workplace. Continue reading

Drug Free Workplace PA

The Drug Free Workplace Pennsylvania’s Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) initiative’s website provides information for businesses in creating a supportive environments that encourage the success of new hires and employees in recovery from substance use disorder. Continue reading