Oregon Recovery Network

This website is the home of the Oregon Recovery Network’s Covid-19 response page. Oregon Recovers has created a centralized source of information on Covid-19 for the Oregon recovery community including Continue reading

The Nar-Anon Family Groups Guide to Local Services

This is the 2018 Nar-Anon Family Group’s guide to providing local services for anyone who has been affected by close contact with a person with an addiction including information for Narateen programs which serve youth and teenagers affected by addition. The guide includes information about Nar-Anon and Narateen policies and management structures, financial policies, and other traditions of the Nar-Anon and Narateen groups. Continue reading

Facts about Alateen

This brochure provides introduction to Alateen, which provides supports to young people what have been affected by alcohol use of a family member or close friend. Continue reading

Spotlight: New Mexico Peer Education Project

A brief overview of the New Mexico Peer Education Project which trains incarcerated individuals to educate their peers about addiction, infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus, and other health issues. This report is part of the Addiction Policy Forum’s spotlight series.

Continue reading

Spotlight: AnchorED Rhode Island

A brief overview of the AnchorED program in Rhode Island which connects patients seen in the emergency department (ED) for an opioid-related overdose with a trained peer recovery coach. ED staff call the AnchorED hotline which dispatches recovery coaches to meet patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The coaches provide the patient with information about recovery supports and resources and may educate the patient or caregivers on naloxone use to treat overdose. Preliminary evaluation reports show that more than 80 percent of patients who meet with the coaches engage in some recovery support services upon discharge. Part of the Addiction Policy Forum’s Spotlight series which highlights innovative programs to address the opioid crisis. Continue reading

Peer Support Roles in Criminal Justice Settings

An overview of peer support services provided in the criminal justice setting from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Provides descriptions of the roles and responsibilities and key characteristics of different peer support roles, describes how to use the sequential intercept model to explore peer support roles in criminal justice settings, and presents best practices in recruiting, hiring and retaining peer support staff. Continue reading