Medicaid Delivery System Reforms to Combat the Opioid Crisis

This report provides an overview of Medicaid delivery system reform efforts aimed at addressing the opioid crisis. The report describe 2 models of delivery system reforms: adoption of the Medicaid health home model for opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment and innovations that improve warm handoffs and care transitions from different levels of substance use disorder treatment. Continue reading

California Bridge Resources

The California Bridge Resources page is a searchable database of California Bridge’s evidence-based materials including clinical guides, protocols, toolkits, sample patient materials, and FAQs. All resources in the California Bridge database have been developed by interdisciplinary teams based on published evidence and expert opinion. Continue reading

Opioid Settlement Tracker

The Opioid Settlement Tracker is an 18 month watchdog project by Christine Minhee that tracks opioid-related litigation and provides information about lawsuits, settlements, and issues surrounding opioid related litigation. The stated goal of the project is to track and determine if opioid settlement funds will be used in ways that benefit public health and address drug use. Continue reading