Opioid Settlement Tracker

The Opioid Settlement Tracker is an 18 month watchdog project by Christine Minhee that tracks opioid-related litigation and provides information about lawsuits, settlements, and issues surrounding opioid related litigation. The stated goal of the project is to track and determine if opioid settlement funds will be used in ways that benefit public health and address drug use. Continue reading

A Guidebook to Reimagining America’s Crisis Response System: A Decision-Making Framework for Responding to Vulnerable Populations

This guidebook is targeted to policymakers and emergency response agencies who are considering implementing or expanding crisis response programs in their communities. Crisis response programs are an option for diverting individuals experiencing a crisis from substance use, mental health, or homelessness from the criminal justice system to services. Continue reading

Morris County Proud to Be Stigma-Free

Morris County, New Jersey’s Proud to Be Stigma-Free Initiative’s website includes educational information about stigma and how it impedes individuals from seeking help for substance use disorder or mental health conditions. It also includes a community pledge and tool-kits for local municipalities, colleges and universities, and faith-based organizations. Continue reading

Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector

The Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector provides a curated collection of community-focused programs, tools, and resources to help policymakers and community leaders develop interventions to address the opioid crisis in their communities. The website includes information on over 160 program models that have been implemented across the country. Continue reading