Principles of Harm Reduction

This educational resource provides a 2-page description of the principles of harm reduction. The handout outlines 8 key ideas that are key to the harm reduction practice, and discusses key concepts in understanding the risk, mindset, and setting that can be considered when understanding what might promote or reduce risk for an individual. Continue reading

16 and Recovering

The 16 and Recovering documentary series profiles students attending a recovery high school in Beverly, Massachusetts over the course of a school year. The website includes information on hosting a screening of the documentary as well as links to resources for educators and community members. Continue reading

Community Opioid Prevention Education (COPE) Trailer

This 3 minute video describe the Community Opioid Prevention and Education (COPE) trailer deployed by the Montgomery County, Maryland police department. The COPE trailer uses a model bedroom and bathroom to educate citizens about the signs of opioid abuse they might see in their friends and loved ones and provides information about accessing treatment and using naloxone to reverse opioid overdose. Continue reading

Reducing Stigma Education Tools (ReSET)

This OpenEdX free training program on reducing stigma is designed for health care providers and includes 2 modules. The first module explains the impact of opioid use disorder stigma on patients and explores the medial model of addiction. The second module emphasizes developing practical tools for addressing stigma and delivering compassionate, recovery-oriented care to patients with opioid use disorder. Continue reading

Addiction’s Impact on Children and Families: Resources for Parents, Grandparents, Children and Youth

Research has shown that having a close family member with a history of addiction is a risk factor for substance use and for developing a substance use disorder. In this collection, we feature resources that provide education about addiction, support for coping when a family member has an addiction, and selected resources designed to help prevent the development of substance use disorder in children and youth. Continue reading