Addiction’s Impact on Children and Families

The opioid and addiction crises have had a significant impact on children and families, particularly those that face child welfare or dependency proceedings because of a parent’s substance use. This month, CLOUD features collections designed for policymakers who seek to improve care for individuals and prevent the break-up of families and resources for parents, grandparents and caregivers designed to help them support children and youth affected by parental addiction. Continue reading

Addiction’s Impact on Children and Families: Resources for Parents, Grandparents, Children and Youth

Research has shown that having a close family member with a history of addiction is a risk factor for substance use and for developing a substance use disorder. In this collection, we feature resources that provide education about addiction, support for coping when a family member has an addiction, and selected resources designed to help prevent the development of substance use disorder in children and youth. Continue reading

Addiction’s Impact on Children and Families: Policy Guides

The opioid and addiction crises have greatly impacted family stability, leading to large increases in child welfare cases and the rate of grandparents or other relatives raising children. In this collection, we feature reports that describe the impact of addiction on families and provide strategies for improving services provided to children and their caregivers. Continue reading

Applying the Evidence: Legal and Policy Approaches to Address Opioid Use Disorder in the Criminal Justice and Child Welfare Settings

A comprehensive report on increasing access to evidence-based treatments for substance use disorder in the criminal justice and child welfare systems from researchers at the Addiction & Public Policy Initiative of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown Law Center. The report specifically addresses increasing access to medications to treat opioid use disorder (MOUD) in jails and prisons, in treatment court settings, and in the child welfare system. The report reviews programs in multiple states and summarizes legal, legislative and fiscal strategies to implement and manage evidence-based, public-health focused interventions in these settings. Continue reading

Operation Prevention: Parent Toolkit

The parental tool-kit created as part of the Operation Prevention substance abuse prevention program created by the Drug Enforcement Administration and Discovery Education. The tool-kit includes information for parents to accompany the curriculum students receive in Operation Prevention programs in K-12 education programs. Continue reading