Indian Health Services – Maternal Health

The Indian Health Services maternal health page contains information on caring for American Indian/Alaska Native women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. It includes links to culturally-specific guides for treating substance use disorder in pregnancy and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Continue reading

Integrated Care for High Risk Pregnancies: A Pilot Project to Improve Medical Assistance Birth Outcomes

In 2015, the Minnesota Legislature directed the Department of Human Services to implement a pilot program to improve birth outcomes – the Integrated Care for High Risk Pregnancies (ICHRP) Initiative. The pilot program was designed to reach two demographic groups: African Americans at risk for low birth weight births in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and American Indians at risk for opiate use during pregnancy. Continue reading

Wellbriety Movement

Website for the Wellbriety Movement, which provides training and technical assistance to American Indian and Alaskan Native communities to create substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs grounded in indigenous principles, values and teachings.

Funding Source: Various grants and donations. Revenue from conferences, trainings, and product sales.

Heal Safely

This website was developed by stakeholders in Oregon to help patients and their caregivers Heal Safely from injury and trauma. It includes patient stories and resources for patients to develop a pain management plan and understand the risks of prescription medications. The website was developed with tribal and Latino participation and has a option to display materials and videos in Spanish. Continue reading

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

This is the website for the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, which develops and implements culturally centered approaches to addiction and other behavioral health treatments for the First Peoples of Canada. The website includes many resources that would be helpful to people working with American Indian and Alaskan Native peoples or other indigenous communities. Continue reading

Answering the Cry of our Warriors: Programming to Support Native Americans Re-entering the Community

This case study briefly explains the components of the Warrior Down reentry program designed by White Bison, Inc. for use with American Indian and Alaska Native populations reentering communities following incarceration. Key elements of this successful program include peer-to-peer programming, the use of traditional healing practices, continuous support from prison to reentry in the community, and complimentary programming for family members. Continue reading

Celebrate Recovery

Website for Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-Centered 12-step recovery program which offers support meetings, trainings and conferences for people in recovery from addiction. The organization also has specific programs for military personnel and veterans, pastors in recovery, Native Nations, and an initiative to reduce the stigma Continue reading