Recovery: Community Programs

Recovery organizations have increasingly been focused on engaging their communities to create recovery supportive environments. This collection features adocumentary film and a link to the website of the Recover Out Loud Movement based in Atlanta whose mission is to to speak honestly about the experiences

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Recovery Support Groups

Recovery support groups have been an important part of many people’s recovery, providing a safe space to seek support and provide mutual assistance to peers. This collection features links to websites for several established recovery support groups, each of which offers a different model and philosophy of support, allowing individuals to access support based on their personal values and preferences.

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Recovery Housing

For many people, access to a safe and supportive living environment is necessary to help them sustain recovery and avoid return to use, particularly in the early days of  recovery. Recovery housing is intended to provide drug and alcohol free living spaces that also help residents build recovery skills and resilience and improve their well being.

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Arizona Angel Initiative

Arizona piloted a Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative in three counties and published a report evaluating the pilot and exploring the possibility of expanding the program statewide. Links to the project website and copy of the report is available for download below.

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To recognize September as National Recovery Month, CLOUD’s current featured collection centers around recovery resources. In this featured collection, CLOUD is proud to highlight these specific recovery-related topics:

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Patients & Caregivers

Oregon Recovery Network

Source: Oregon Recovery Network

This website is the home of the Oregon Recovery Network’s Covid-19 response page. Oregon Recovers has created a centralized source of information on Covid-19 for the Oregon recovery community including

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Telerecovery Guide and SOP

Source: Unity Recovery

This guide from the Unity Recovery organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania provides detailed information on engaging in peer recovery supports through digital technology.