Improving Addiction Care Team (IMPACT) – A Summary

Evidence Ranking: Promising

Source: Dr. Honora Englander

The Improving Addiction Care Team, or IMPACT, is an interprofessional hospital-based addictions team that meets people with substance use disorder (SUD) during the reachable moment of hospitalization at Oregon Health & Science University. IMPACT provides patient-centered care, offering medication treatment, linkage to care after discharge, and harm reduction support. Studies show IMPACT is associated with improved patient and provider experience, and improved post-hospital SUD treatment engagement. This is a summary of 6 implementation and evaluation studies and other documents published about IMPACT.

Funding/Support: This research was funded by a grant from the Consumer and Prescriber Education Grant Program (CPGP).

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Improving Addiction Care Team (IMPACT) - A Summary

A summary of the IMPACT hospital addiction consult service and the research published about the model